My Cleaning Schedule

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My Cleaning Schedule

I have to admit, I have some slight OCD when it comes to the cleanliness of my home. I’ve always been this way and Hubs is the polar opposite. When we got married we kind of met in the middle on this. I became a little less concerned about our home being completely spotless while he became a little more concerned about being tidy. I see this as a good thing; it’s great that he now cares more about cleanliness and it’s probably not really healthy to be obsessed about spot cleaning your entire home. That being said, that OCD still exists so I have come up with a schedule to keep me on track without spending my entire day cleaning.

1 thing I’ve learned since using this schedule

It is NOT set in stone. Seriously, don’t stress if you want to go run an errand or play with your kids instead of dusting the furniture on Tuesday. It can wait until tomorrow, or next week, forgive yourself a little, your house will still be clean overall.

How this schedule has helped me

I printed this out and laminated it then I hung it on my fridge. Now it’s right where I can see it every morning. I use a dry erase marker to mark off each item as I complete it. Being type A, it makes me happy to see those check marks knowing I have completed what I need to for the day! I used to spend my each weekend working to get everything done in 2 days. I was exhausted by Sunday evening and when I looked back on my weekend I realized I had done nothing to relax or enjoy time with my family. Using this schedule I do a little bit each day. By doing this I get my home clean, I’m not overwhelmed, and I can enjoy more time with my family.

I hope this following this schedule can help you get your home (and sanity) back like it has for me!







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